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Riehm Farms 

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Let us help you create some memorable Christmas moments on-the-farm

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Nov. 21 - Dec. 20, 2015


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 * Family owned and operated  
   * Hormone and antibiotic free beef
   * Chemical free fruit and vegetables
   * CSAs
   * Fall entertainment

... about Riehm Farms
You know your doctor, dentist, and who cuts your hair. Now you can know the person who grows your food. At Riehm  Farms, you can get direct from our 330 acre farm a variety of fruits, vegetables and beef. 

No synthetic pesticides are used.  Artificial fertilizer, ground water pollution and toxic residues on food is avoided.  With interest in health, our philosophy is to not only use organic practices, but also build wonderful flavors.

We seek to put extra quality care into our soils and daily procedures. We are the only ones we know who test the mineral content of our foods. Example: calcium for your bones, iron for your blood, potassium for your heart.

... about John
With the skill of many generations, the experience of grocery stores & warehouse, farmer John brings you beautiful & bountiful, food & fun.

...about Diane
With growing up in a family restaurant & the health coach experience, farmer's wife - Diane connects you to the countless farm experiences.

...our Mission Statement
To grow top QUALITY FOOD while also providing on the farm EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT to enrich the EXPERIENCE of our customers.  Our goal is to be a SUSTAINABLE agriculture business with the objective of keeping the farm in the family for GENERATIONS to come.

We look forward to meeting you and your family!